The What and Why of White Gate

The What and Why of White Gate

It’s dawned on us…

We’ve never explained to you wonderful people why White Gate all began. 

How, what, why, and what's with White Gate? Bloody rude of us really.

Well, once upon a time, in a magical distant land…No, not really, it’s really no fairy tale. At all!

The truth is, we just wanted to give it a good ol’ crack. 

We haven’t grown up in the industry or been surrounded by a lot of people who are in the industry, way back in the heyday my grandparents once owned a vineyard when I was a wee little tacker but aside from that, it’s just been us giving things a red hot crack with a sprinkle of ambition, blood, sweat and multiple expletives in the process.

We do have Julian and Abby from El Estanco to thank however, with their event Little and Local, it truly ignited the fire in our belly.

A few years ago we attended our first Little & Local event, just looking for some good people and good wines! What we witnessed was a community of like minded people trying to do their thing in their own light and it was epic!

We left Little & Local, jumped in the car and had the same excitement, fear, madness, insanity but drive to make this happen.

Life happens in weird and wonderful ways. Shortly after we decided this, we purchased a home in the Barossa Valley which came with a decent shed, both secured jobs in the Barossa and the rest is a bit of history.

Around this same time, my brother and his family purchased their home with a small block of Riesling, this fruit made our first ever wine and still goes into our White Blend! 

Wine can be interpreted in many ways and everyone will have their own preference. Our aim with White Gate is to take the seriousness away from wine, it's there for everyone to enjoy!

We aim to craft lighter examples of typically bolder Barossa Valley varieties and continually experiment with harvest times and vineyard practices to create energetic stylistic wines.

Learning, adapting and growing each year has been pretty dam cool!

Now, why White Gate? Well, we wanted White Gate to be our take on the Barossa, we want people to experience what we love, while showing our sense of personality behind everything we do.

When we moved into our house, the first thing we did was paint the front gate white because EVERYTHING was heritage green ( So, there you have it, simple but we felt it encapsulated our brand and what we were wanting to achieve perfectly.

A little fun fact also, our original labels are a spin off our driveway and the trees surrounding our home, in a colourful, artsy kinda way.  

Really the aim was to create, a reflection of ‘our’ Barossa but with a sprinkle of diversity, weirdness and personality. 

Sooo anyway, after all this waffle and if you've made it this far we hope this gives you a little insight as to why White Gate started.

We trulyyyy appreciate, each and everyone of you who has supported our venture.

If you have any take aways aside from the greatly selected GIFS you've seen in this blog... just give something a go and see where the wind takes you! 

Adios, Gee x