White Gate Vintage 2022

White Gate Vintage 2022

We thought it was about time to drop a little update on things and all that Vintage 2022 in the Barossa Valley had to offer. 

For some of those playing along at home, you would know how we love a little bit of mayhem at White Gate HQ. Or, maybe mayhem loves us!

Nevertheless, it always makes for an entertaining time and a good giggle after we’ve overcome a few hurdles. 

We’re still the new kids on the block but there seems to be a common feeling among most winemakers we chat to, they all say the same thing. We’re all bloody crazy, however you keep going back every year to do it all again!

There’s nothing quite like that final process at the end of vintage and the refreshinggggggg, thirst quenching, life changing, earth shaking beverage at the end.

Are we insane, challenged or passionate - who knows, maybe all of the above but we have a good ol’ time anyway. Our own inflicted chaos may have something to do with our quaint little shed, but hey we have to #trusttheprocess people.

Let’s run through how this year unfolded and what we have coming hot off the press for you guys!



As with past years, things kicked off with the Riesling block, hand picked with love by Chad and yours truly. The projection was looking absolutely unreal, until an Armageddon-like hail storm late in the season, although we were very lucky compared to some, this meant yields were down. We have been working pretty hard the last couple years to bring this block back to life, it’s a work in progress but we’re hoping we will see the fruits of our labour in the coming years! (ooo look at her go, yes pun intended). 

Next up, our beloved Semillon which we were fortunate enough to outsource some help with picking this year and let.. us… tell… you, making these baby steps in outsourcing could be the reason we survived this vintage. Thank the heavens for our helpers, plus they put our picking time to absolute shame. 

Then the red varieties poured in, we had forecasted processing would be relatively steady. I don't know who's idiocy that was because jokes on us, never…expect things to go to plan. Our red varieties this year ended up ripening around similar times, so around 80% of our fruit was processed over 4 days. 

What a fun 4 days. 🙃  Thought I'd also take this opportunity to present you with proof of how the cleaning usually goes down in vintage...

This year, we were stoked to introduce some new varietals to our portfolio, which included Nero d'Avola and Mataro plus some more certified organic Grenache out of Greenock! Cause...can you ever get enough Grenache!? (The answer is no).

Overall it was a great growing year, there were some nice falls during the late stages of ripening which kept us on our toes.

What does this mean you ask? 

Well avid reader, this meant some late ripening called for us to pull back on some of the whole bunch % we were intending to include. Plus a few small pivots in the winery with how we treated the fruit ensured the balance between science and creation was intact. We treated many of the wines with minimal punch downs, still generous amounts of whole bunches and our whites shared differing amounts of skin contact. All in all, our Spring releases see an inclusion of two textural whites, heavily leaning on fantastic Semillon plantings that the Barossa Valley is blessed with, and two bright Barossa reds ready for the warm Australian Spring.

We’re SO excited to properly introduce you to the Spring releases soon!

As we speak, we’re in the final stages of waxing and getting things ready to ship out, so keep those eyes peeled, you’ll be the first to know. 

Anywho, that’s enough ramble for now. 

Until next time!! ✌🏼