Kingfish Crudo With Gochujang Dressing, Crispy Shallots & Herbs

Kingfish Crudo With Gochujang Dressing, Crispy Shallots & Herbs
We have teamed up with Gavin from AnotherFoodBlogger, to give your taste buds one hell of a new sensation! (Love you INXS). Best accompanied by a glass of our chilled Riesling.
Serves 4
Kingfish x 400g
Olive oil x 2 tbsp
Rice vinegar x 2 tbsp
Salt x ½ tsp
Mirin x 2 tsp
Sesame Oil x 1 tsp
Gochujang paste x 1 tsp
Pickled ginger x 24 pieces
Coriander leaves x 20 pieces
Micro Shisho leaves x 20 pieces
Spring onion x 1 – finely chopped
Black sesame seeds x 1 tsp
  1. Mix all the dressing ingredients together and set aside
  2. Using the sharpest knife you have slice the kingfish into 1cm slices
  3. Lay the kingfish on a plate (artfully), drizzle 2 tbsp of the dressing over the kingfish
  4. Sprinkle/lay/use tweezers to place garnish onto dressed kingfish – depending upon how fancy you want to be!!
Essential Tools
  • Chef knives
  • Chopping board
  • Measuring utensils
  • Whisk
  • Mixing bowl 
  • You can buy shop bought crispy shallots from any Asian store but I added in a link to my crispy shallot recipe
  • Make sure your fish is as cold as you can get it – this will help to slice it cleanly if your knife isn’t razor sharp. Even pop it in the freezer for 10 minutes
  • Store the fish & dressing in the fridge until ready to use so that it is cold when serving
  • If you can’t get kingfish you can substitute snapper, tuna, Hamachi, bass will work instead – speak to your local fishmonger
  • Buy fresh – fresh is best when it comes to serving crudo
  • If you can’t get red shisho then add a little extra coriander. I like the minty licorice flavour it adds to the dish